In a boarding school in Dnepropetrovsk region educators taken out “naughty” children in heat jerseys with sleeves tied

В интернате в Днепропетровской обл. воспитатели выводили "непослушных" детей на жару в свитерах с завязанными рукавами

In the city verhnedneprovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region in the orphanage-boarding school № 2 “naughty” children were taken out into the heat in sweaters-a straitjacket with attached sleeves. This was reported on the website of the Parliament Commissioner for human rights.

The ratio of staff to children remains inadequate. The children were on the street at the temperature of +35 degrees without hats.

In the premises and the nurseries there is an unpleasant smell, the staff keeps the dirty dishes in the cupboard. Clothing is by season and size.

For a walk the children bring only a large balcony, which is not equipped with awnings from the sun. On site or in the common premises are no available containers with drinking water.

By results of the conducted monitoring visit acts of reaction of the Ombudsman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights will be directed to the regional state.

However, the Commissioner also reported on some changes from last year – in a boarding school conducted maintenance of premises, restored greenhouses, a vegetable garden and orchard, which are treated with occupational therapy wards of the orphanage. In residential buildings installed mobile Wi-Fi point.