In a Car KFC refused to serve a customer on a horse (PHOTO)

В KFC Авто отказались обслужить клиента на лошади (ФОТО)

Employees of fast-food restaurant KFC in Carlisle (UK) refused to feed client who came on a horse cart. According to them, animal-drawn transport is not as safe as a car.

Now all the British restaurants sell take-out or via delivery. But the requirements in KFC Car a more rigorous and visitors on horseback there’s no service. Ian bell, a 55-year-old resident of the seaside town of Silloth, regularly travels 30 kilometers in the neighboring Carlisle in their wagon pulled by a pony named Joe-Joe. One day, returning home, he decided to eat at KFC. No sooner had the carriage to take a turn for the cars to the order window, as emerged from the restaurant Manager and explained that cartage to serve is prohibited.

Offended the Englishman went to have dinner in the Mak-Avto, which he did not have any problems. When the story gained wide publicity, in the Central office of KFC said that very sorry Mr. bell, but customer safety is paramount. So no horses on the track to KFC Car can not be.

Ian bell claims that the cart is a common means of transportation in those places, and in General, horses and carts has served the people for hundreds of years before the first car. His 7-year-old pony he thinks is real gold and a full member of the family.

In the queue Jo-Jo sat very quietly as a lamb and is definitely not a danger to other visitors. Bell would like to hear an apology from KFC, and plans soon to visit Burger King to check how it is friendly to the horses.

В KFC Авто отказались обслужить клиента на лошади (ФОТО)

В KFC Авто отказались обслужить клиента на лошади (ФОТО)