In a network there was terrible video of a metal door in the hospital a four-year crushes toddler

В сети появилось страшное видео, как металлическая дверь в больнице сминает четырехлетнего малыша

Video surveillance as a four year kid fell down a metal door at the clinic, appeared in the network. It was published in the community of Kyiv operational on the page in Facebook.

The incident occurred in the pediatric clinic No. 2, which is located on the Avenue of Truth. When a mother with a sick child came to doctors, and while she took the voucher at the reception, her baby was found dismantled a metal door that stood in the hall. Around the dangerous object does not have fencing.

Suddenly heavy construction just fell on the child, almost crushing him. HR is seen as the boy tried to hold the door, but the metal may leave a single chance. To the scene immediately rushed the mother and several witnesses, they immediately raised the door.

As a result of incident the boy suffered a fracture of the hip bones and fright.

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