In a rural Park near Vinnitsa found more than 600 old artillery shells

В сельском парке возле Винницы нашли больше 600 старых артиллерийских снарядов

Ammunition of caliber of 45 mm and 76 mm preserved from the Second world war.

The engineers of the SES in Vinnytsia region on Saturday dug out more than 600 artillery shells of times of the Second world war, who were in the Park Spychyntsi village. This is stated on the website of the Antimonopoly.

Rescuers seized 414 shells caliber 45 mm, 213 shells of caliber of 76 mm and one mortar shell of caliber of 82 mm.

Spychyntsi village known for the fact that it is the Palace Sobanskih, built in 1880-ies. The Park around the estate in the late 20th century received the status of objects of natural reserve Fund.