In a terrible massacre in Nikolaev by miracle didn’t suffer the well-known lawyer

В жуткой бойне в Николаеве чудом не пострадал известный юрист

Acquires the details of the shooting of the Odessa family and the building of the Leninsky court of the city of Nikolaev.

Nikolayevets Gerasim, Bagiryan in 2008 took a married couple from Odessa about 40 thousand dollars and returned it. In response, the couple sued the debtor in court. The process lasted quite long, and 30 January, the court ruled in favor of the spouses. After the participants have left the courthouse, 52-year-old Bagiryan from the hunting carbine “saiga” shot in the back shot and killed 58 – year-old Mikhail Belov, and then his 60-year-old wife. And then surrendered to the police, who driving a car, saw the carnage and immediately headed to the epicenter of events.

The woman died at the scene, the man in the ambulance

Posted a video of events from surveillance cameras. It shows Mikhail Belov and his wife outside the courthouse talking to a lawyer when it comes Bagiryan, and takes the gun..

52-year-old killer said: “there is No gang, it’s personal. While the carabiner turns out to be, always carries with him”.

In this tragic story miraculously appeared as the lawyer of the family of Odessa Oleg Kiryukhin.

He is a known lawyer and public figure.It was he during the attack, stood next to his client, who was fired by Bagirian.

“I could be with him. Probably, it is something in the head knocked me not to shoot. It was a feeling that I’m now third, ” said Oleg Budargin.

Fortunately, this did not happen. Other details of the attack, he reported, referring to the fact that is a witness in the investigation. Oleg Kiryukhin said that his client had contacted police because of threats from Gerasimos Bayrante.

Gerasim, Bagiryan was born in 1966, studied in the town of Ashtarak, which is located in 20 km from Yerevan. Bagirian, was the founder of burnt-out firm, which was engaged in wholesale trade of agricultural machinery. Is the co-founder of LLC, which is engaged in cultivation of grain crops in Kherson region.