In a world of dozens of journalists have been killed in six months: among them Ukrainian

В мире десятки журналистов были убиты за полгода: среди них - украинец

From January until the end of June 2019 20 countries around the world were killed, 38 journalists. The list includes Ukrainian journalist Vadim Komarov, who died after a severe beating.

Compared to the same period last year this figure fell by 42%. NGO Press Emblem Campaign considers this an indicator of a positive shift.

The situation improved in the middle East due to the lower intensity of conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Concern two Latin American countries: Mexico and Afghanistan. The first in the country in 2019 already killed 9 journalists, and the second – 6. The primary responsibility for this in Afghanistan are terrorists, and in Mexico a criminal gang.

The list is Ukrainian journalist Vadim Komarov. He died on June 20 in Cherkasy after 4 may he was attacked by an unknown man and he was beaten severely. Currently, police are investigating the incident of beating of the journalist-investigator Komarov already as murder. Law enforcement officers work three main versions of the murder.

Who is Vadim Komarov??55-year-old investigative journalist known for his sharp material about painful issues in the region. He wrote, in particular, about the theft of budget funds, illegal construction and corruption in the Cherkassy city Council. It is known that in 2016 Komarov tried to shoot.

What is known about the beating of Vadim Komarov in Cherkasy??

May 4 morning, in the center of Cherkassy unknown cruelly beat journalist-investigator Vadim Komarov. The man was hospitalized in intensive care with opened cherepno-a brain trauma, he was in a coma. First the police investigated the case as grievous bodily harm, but then it retrained in “attempt at a premeditated murder”.

The attack on the journalist was connected with the professional activities Komarov. A few days after the beating had to leave his investigation of illegal actions of the Deputy of the mayor Yury Botnar, representing “Freedom” in the Executive Committee.