In absentia arrest possible killer of Deputy

Заочно арестовали возможного убийцу депутата

In Sumy, the court arrested in absentia podozrevaemogo in the murder of the former Deputy of the Sumy city Council Anatoly Zhuk.

This UNN reported in the regional Prosecutor’s office.

At the request of prosecutors the decision of the investigating judge Zarechny district court of Sumy on 27 February 2019 a suspect in the murder of Anatoly Beetle in absentia preventive measure in the form of detention.

This suspect declared wanted, including through Interpol, and granted permission for its detention. Now the Prosecutor’s office is preparing to the competent authorities of the Russian Federation request for the extradition of the said person.

We are talking about the events of 2 August 2018. Then in Sumy in the yard of his private house, the father found the body of his 35-year-old son Anatoly Zhuk, who was Chairman of the public organization, the Deputy of the Sumy city Council of the 6th convocation and former Director of the Department of urban development and land relations of the Sumy city Council. On the body of the victim found two gunshot wounds and was found near a gun. In the course of the investigation collected sufficient evidence that this crime was committed by the wife of Anatole Beetle. After the murder of 8 August 2018 the woman with the child and the driver, with whom she had a close relationship that crossed the state border of Ukraine outside the checkpoint and left in the Russian Federation.

Therefore, on 7 September 2018, the office of public Prosecutor together with the investigating police Department in the manner provided in code of criminal procedure, 31-year-old wife of the victim is declared suspicion. Her actions were qualified under part 1 St. 115 (premeditated murder), part 2 of article 194 (deliberate damage of property), part 1 article 263 (illegal weapon handling) criminal code of Ukraine. The sanction of article provides imprisonment for the term from seven till fifteen years.