In active search, Lesya Nikityuk spoke about his personal life

В активном поиске, – Леся Никитюк заговорила о личной жизни

Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk, which in 2019 broke up with boyfriend after nearly three years of relationship, admitted that she is now in active search.

About Lesya Nikityuk said in an interview with Katya Osadchaya in “social life”.

I’m actively looking, but let’s just say in an interesting way!
– said TV presenter.

According to star, “interesting relationship” she had with a Ukrainian. In an interview with Les also remembered the first time I went to Paris. Celebrity remembered the shooting of the project “Around M”, where she became acquainted with men of different nationalities.

In particular, in the French capital she spoke with 5 different men – from student to count.

“Actually, in Paris, we were in the estate of this graph. I remember when we came to his County – there are dogs running around, cows mooing, and it turns out the Countess, who rubs his wet head with a towel. I imagined a little differently represented the Countess,” added the TV presenter.

Nikitiuk also joked that on the market in Khmelnytskyi much once sold Souvenirs in the form of the Eiffel tower than in Paris.

What is known about previous relationships Lesya Nikityuk?

Ex-boyfriend lives in the apartment next door Lesya Nikityuk, that’s why she called him “neighbor.” “Our affair lasted 2.5 years. We loved each other. But I already pereplakala and released. Ill. Now I’m single, but could take it alone. Although the early stages are very afraid of him. Then it seemed that my world turned upside down” – shared TV presenter.

According to her, her relationship did not develop easily. As previously admitted Lesya Nikityuk, the reason is its popularity. Therefore, during the novel she tried to save a loved one from publicity and unwanted attention. However, even this has not helped her to save the relationship.

The man’s face she never showed, but willingly talked about him and showed them the gifts. In mid-February, 2019 on the page in Instagram Lesya Nikityuk admitted that no longer meets a mysterious man, because they “parted like ships at sea”.