In Africa for a month mysteriously died hundreds of elephants (photos)

В Африке за месяц загадочно умерли сотни слонов (фото)

In Northern Botswana during the month, for some unknown reason, killed more than 350 elephants. On Wednesday, July 1, reported the Guardian.

It is noted that in the second half of may died 169 individuals, and by mid-June their number increased by almost half. Scientists call the incident “environmental catastrophe.”

“This is a mass extinction level, which was not a very long time. Out of the drought I don’t know about the death, which was so important,” said Niall McCann, Director of conservation at the British charity national Park rescue.

Local residents reported that more than half of the bodies of the dead elephants were discovered near the small pits of water.

Scientists have put forward two possible causes of death of animals poisoning or unknown pathogen. However, the final conclusion will be made after verification of the samples.

“If you look at the corpse, some of them fell directly on the face, showing that they died very quickly. Others, obviously, dying slowly. So it is very difficult to say what it’s for toxin,” said McCann.

Also as the cause of death, scientists have mentioned COVID-19, however, this assumption is unlikely, they said.

В Африке за месяц загадочно умерли сотни слонов (фото)

В Африке за месяц загадочно умерли сотни слонов (фото)