In Africa, we found the ancient figure created by man

В Африке нашли самый древний рисунок, созданный человеком

Craig Foster/Handout via REUTERS

In South Africa, found the oldest picture ever made by man. It appeared to be a lattice: a few crossed lines, resembling a hashtag is the symbol used on the Internet.

Pattern found on a small stone in the cave Blombos 300 kilometers East of Cape town, approximately 73 thousand years. Painted on the stone with ochre, it is at least 30 thousand years older than the previous “most ancient” of the picture.

An archaeologist from the Norwegian University of Bergen Christopher Henshilwood, who led the research, said that “I would not call it art”. “It’s definitely an abstract pattern and the Creator most likely did some kind of meaning. And he most likely became part of a common system of symbols, understood by different people in this group,” he added.

В Африке нашли самый древний рисунок, созданный человеком

Archaeologists working in a cave Blobspace M. Haaland/Handout via REUTERS

A stone on which were plotted the figure of 38.6 millimeters in length and 12.8 mm in width. “The sharp end of all the lines at the edges suggests that this pattern has continued. Most likely it was harder and had a more developed structure,” explained Henselwood.

In the cave Blombos found many other artifacts, including beads, covered with red ochre and a set of paints, which 100 thousand years.

For archeologists, who published their study in the journal Nature made the African Homo Sapiens artifact can be considered as the harbinger of the “consciousness and behavior of modern man”.

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