In Akhmetov’s DTEK consider the conclusions of the AMCU on abuses in the electricity market unfounded

В ДТЭК Ахметова считают выводы АМКУ по злоупотреблениям на рынке электроэнергии необоснованными

The energy company DTEK businessman Rinat Akhmetov considers preliminary findings of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) on monopolistic abuses of the group’s companies in the regional market of commercial sale of electricity and of balancing in the trade area of the island of Burshtyn TPP (Bates) unfounded and baseless. This is stated in the company statement.

“DTEK in the electricity market operates exclusively in the legal field and in the legislative framework, which established the national Commission and approved by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the specified in the conclusions of the AMCU regional market commercial sales of electricity and of balancing Butas does not exist in either the normative or legislative act of Ukraine.

“DTEK is working in the commercial area of the island of Bucas market of electric energy of Ukraine in the conditions of considerable competition from other market participants, the considerable administrative price regulation by the national Commission, but within the norms and rules defined by the current legislation. The implementation of the whole volume of electricity is carried out exclusively according to the rules defined by the regulator and agreed upon by the AMC”, – emphasized in DTEK.

Any decisions of the national Commission concerning violations of group companies of existing regulations or license conditions of activity were taken.

DTEK also notes that according to the jurisprudence of competition law of the EU, which is necessary for the application of the Ukrainian state authorities in such investigations is first necessary to comprehensively and fully examine the conditions of market, business and regulatory environment for the presence of administrative restrictions that contribute to the infringement of competition.

“DTEK believes that the investigation of the AMC should be based on European principles and rules of transparency and legality. DTEK strongly contributed to the investigation and provided detailed answers to the queries of the AMC, which was received in the period of collecting information on the case. DTEK will defend its interests and reputation in a legislative way”, – summarized in the message.