In America build a centrifuge to launch cargo into space

В Америке строят центрифугу для запуска грузов в космос

The first suborbital launches are going to hold a winter 2020 at the test site in new Mexico.

SpinLaunch American startup is building a device to launch cargo into space. With his help, the company wants to reduce the cost of sending satellites almost 20 times. For this purpose it has already attracted $ 75 million from Airbus, Google and other investors.

According to Wired, is headed by serial entrepreneur Jonathan Yarni.

As planned, centrifuge the size of a football field (about 100 meters in diameter) will rotate the rocket in a circle for hours, driving it up to 8,000 km/h. as soon As the rocket payload up to 90 kg reaches the starting speed, the centrifuge will send her into the stratosphere. For the last stretch to the border with outer space rocket launch engine.

SpinLaunch already managed to unleash a five-kilogram dummy to speed 6437 km/h and run into a steel wall.

Yarni hopes that winter 2020 SpinLaunch will hold the first suborbital launches at the test site in new Mexico.

If the mechanism is working, SpinLaunch can reduce the cost of sending into space small satellites almost 20 times.