In Amsterdam banned tours of the red light district

В Амстердаме запретят экскурсии по кварталу красных фонарей

Amsterdam authorities will forbid to conduct tours in the red light district. The new rules will be effective from 1 January 2020. About it reports on March 21, a local TV channel NOS.

The municipality believes that the ban will relieve and deliver him from the bustle and noise. “Now is not the time to consider sex workers as a tourist attraction,” – said in comments to the TV station representative of the local authorities.

The new measures will take effect from 1 January 2020.

The TV station said that before some of the streets in this area in the evenings periodically overlap for cleaning.

Last year, the city authorities have tightened control over the groups of tourists in the red light district. Now the guides have to be relevant documents, there is a limit to the number of tourists and the ban on group tours late at night.

In November last year, the city Council of Amsterdam suggested to move brothels from red light district to other areas to resume their normal operation. Local residents are now forced to enjoy the sexual services via the Internet, as around the salons of jostling crowds of tourists. Guests of the city interfere with the work girls, so many Windows are empty.