In an accident with a ambulance and a SUV in the Kuban region killed two people

В ДТП со скорой и внедорожником на Кубани погибли два человека

A fatal accident occurred on Sunday, April 21.

In the Crimean district of the Krasnodar region today at 17:30, on the section of the road Krymsk-Dzhiginka near the hamlet Akkermenka a BMW SUV rammed the ambulance, riding with spetssignalami, from which doctors took off on a roadside.

As a result of collision on a place of accident died the driver of the ambulance and the woman from the car. The driver of the SUV was in the ambulance doctor and paramedic were hospitalized with various injuries.

On the scene working security services. The circumstances of the accident are specified, report in a press-service GU MVD of Russia on the edge.