In Antarctica, found the cemetery of the penguins, dead centuries ago

Icy continent once again puts the researchers next puzzle, which is clearly linked to global climatic disasters on the planet.

В Антарктиде найдены кладбища пингвинов, погибших столетия назад

In Antarctica, found the cemetery of Adelie penguins who died centuries ago. A significant number of mummies lying under ice and snow cover in the same areas, said the sudden death of otherwise healthy individuals. In addition, after the examination the researchers amazement stated that the time period during which there was a mass extinction is in the range from 200 to 800 years.

According to scientists in this period on Earth was climate change, and sharp fluctuations in temperature. Despite the fact that adélie penguins are resilient, which allows to keep the population in the required quantity, climatic shocks were so great that led to the mass destruction of representatives of the Antarctic fauna. The researchers made a disturbing conclusion about the possibility of another stage of extinction in the near future. Global warming could deprive the penguins of the permanent habitat.

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