In “Antonov” is called the sum of the construction of a second an-225 “Mriya”

В "Антонов" назвали сумму строительства второго АН-225 "Мрия"

Talking about mass launch of the aircraft are conducted in 2016, while the cost of construction increases each year.

In Antonov has told about prospects of construction of second an-225 “Mriya”, serial production of which was planned from 2016. According to the designer of the enterprise “Antonov” by Nikolai Kalashnikov, today you need $ 300-400 million to invest in the construction of “Mriya”, and also to find the chassis manufacturer.

“The figure changes every year. Not only because of the inflation of the hryvnia, but the same dollar. I don’t know all the information but only that which passed through me. From 300 to 400 (million dollars) in this range,” he said, according to

According to the designer, “Antonov” need to order a chassis from other manufacturers, because the company will not be able to make yourself.

It should be noted that the cost of the Antonov an-225 is fully paid off. The cost per flight is $ 1 million, while “Mriya” performs 20-30 flights a year.

The an-225 to date is the large, heavy, and powerful transport aircraft in the world. Its maximum takeoff weight is 640 tons. In November 2004, the international aeronautical Federation has made An-225 in the Guinness Book of records for its 240 records.