In Argentina raise the minimum wage and freeze prices on petrol

В Аргентине повышают минимальную зарплату и замораживают цены на бензин

Argentine authorities intend to increase the minimum wage, and to freeze the price of gasoline and to pay bonuses to workers due to the economic crisis facing Argentina. This was stated on Wednesday the President of the Republic Mauricio Macri.

“I decided on these measures, because I heard you. They will bring relief to 17 million workers and their families, as well as small and medium enterprises,” he said.

“We raise the minimum wage. Today will be convened meeting at which we will determine its size,” he said.

In addition, the President announced the freezing of petrol prices for 90 days and the payment of bonuses to public officials and vulnerable populations. Measures developed by the government, also provide for the recalculation of income tax and refund of part of the amount paid.

The President announced these measures following last Sunday primaries, the defeated opposition presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez. The results of the vote led to the collapse of the Argentine exchange 38% and sharp depreciation of the national currency.

According to the data obtained after processing of bulletins with 98,75% of the plots, for Fernandez, retractable paired with the ex-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (2007-2015), which if they win will become the Vice-President, voted 47,65% of the voters. For the current President, Mauricio Macri gave from 32.08% of the vote.

During the election campaign, Fernandez has repeatedly criticized the policy of the current centre-right government. In particular, he said that in case of victory he intends to renegotiate the agreement with the International monetary Fund on a loan of $57 billion.

Presidential elections will be held in Argentina on 27 October. To win in the first round a candidate must gain more than 45% of the vote or 40%, provided that the gap from its nearest rival is at least 10%.