In Armenia began a second wave of coronavirus

В Армении началась вторая волна коронавируса

During the month the daily number of new infections with coronavirus has increased almost 5 times. Thus, there claiming about the second wave of coronavirus. It is reported by the AMA.

The increase in the number of patients in Armenia began in early may. The average daily rate at that time ranged from 100 cases. By the end of the month the daily number of cases exceeded 400.

“Unfortunately, we have to fix that in the country in a difficult situation. De facto I can say that dealing with the second wave of the coronavirus,” said Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinian.

According to him, the causes of the deterioration of the situation in the country had been under discussion for a few days.

The result of our discussions is clear: the adopted limits correspond to the situation and in its content is effective. Unfortunately, we have problems with the quality of the compliance with the restrictions.

The Prime Minister is confident that, stick to the citizens of the quarantine, the situation would have improved. Pashinyan said that the punishment for offenders will toughen.

Taken before the administrative levers will be strengthened. Today started raids in different parts of the country regarding rules compliance, both physical and legal persons. Tightened checks would be required on interregional roads, until the establishment of the PPC to check the wearing of masks by passengers.