In Australia built the epic Toyota Land Cruiser (VIDEO)

В Австралии построили эпичный Toyota Land Cruiser (ВИДЕО)

They rightfully call it “supertuner”: the SUV from Atelier Patriot Campers gantry bridges looks truly unstoppable.

In Australia, like big SUVs, and the Bureau Patriot Offroad Campers (PCOR) know how to build them. This is not the first project of the Atelier on the basis of “Cruiser”: the PCOR even has its own programme of revision called LC79 Supertourer. But this instance is special.

His employer specifically stipulated a specific task – this SUV does not have to be similar to their counterparts. That is why the Land Cruiser got a portal not only bridges, but also very “angry” 35-inch rubber. In parallel with work on the suspension the SUV has supplied aluminum cargo platform of its own design PCOR – it is integrated in a lot of cases to store everything you may need during the journey. In fact, the Toyota Land Cruiser was turned into a pickup, but in Australia really know how to do it.

The SUV was equipped with three fuel tanks with a total capacity of 290 l, power bumpers with winches front and rear, protective pads on the bottom, strong rapids and auxiliary lights and the like.

The cost of this particular project, the tuners are not called, but, according to the official website of Atelier Patriot Campers Offroad, the price of a package of improvements LC79 Supertourer starts with 118 000 Australian dollars (approximately 5 150 000 rubles). Most likely, given the exclusivity of this project (especially the cost of portal bridges), it cost the customer much more expensive.