In Australia horses help the military cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (video)

В Австралии лошади помогают военным справиться с посттравматическим синдромом (видео)

Equine therapy for military veterans in retirement. So these residents of the Australian state of New South Wales to help cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ben Maguire, the owner of the horse farm:

“These animals have great power. And when they submit to someone, let him control you, it is very powerful.”

Ben is one of those who felt that power. It all started with the fact that, after returning from service in East Timor, he could not find a place.

Ben Farinazzo, a retired military:

“I could no longer take care of themselves, couldn’t sleep. I was self-medicating, using alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.”

But the horses helped him to feel again the taste of life.

Ben Farinazzo, a retired military:

“I thought, “Wow! It’s just incredible!” I was told that the horse reacts to emotions. In the beginning, I learned to control feelings that felt.”

Rachel also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. The condition appeared after about eight years ago she was fired from the Navy for medical reasons.

Rachel Duane Madsen, military retired:

“I found that anxiety and all that every day I was tormented by that constantly accompanied me, just disappears when I communicate with horses”.

She left the army in August last year after 25 years of service.

Anna Cowley, military retired:

“When you come here, then comes a sense of kindness, which many of us have already forgotten.”

Program participants not only ride horses but also learn to properly care for them. These animals are not intended to replace physicians. They just ex-military distracts from painful thoughts and give them the opportunity to take a new look on life.