In Australia, the fires damaged 3 billion animal study

В Австралии от пожаров пострадали 3 млрд животных - исследование

Because of the fires, which lasted in Australia from June 2019 to February 2020, has suffered about 3 billion animals living on the continent. This is stated in the study by the world wildlife Fund (World Wildlife Fund) published on July 28.

A total of 143 million were injured mammals 2.46 billion reptiles, 180 million birds and frogs 51 million, the report said.

The Fund stressed that the losses were three times greater than previously thought.

The research was conducted with 10 scientists, they examined more than 28 million acres (11 million hectares) of Australia.

Participants in the study said that the results show “how radically fires can reduce biological diversity”.

Large-scale forest fires in Australia began in mid-September, 2019. To extinguish fires mobilized about 3 thousand reservists. Under the endangerment of some species of rare plants.

Australia will need 100 years to recover from large-scale wildfires were reported in the fire country.