In Austria are demanding the resignation of Vice-Chancellor because of the collusion with the Russians

В Австрии требуют отставки вице-канцлера из-за сговора с россиянами

Strache allegedly promised access to government contracts in exchange for support in the parliamentary elections

In Austria, the leaders of the opposition parties in the lower house of Parliament demanding the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian strache for information about his alleged collusion with the rich Russian. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Austrian opposition calls to hold new parliamentary elections.

In particular, demanding the resignation strache was made head of the party “New Austria and Liberal forum” Beate Meinl-Reisinger, head of the Social democratic party Pamela Rendi-Wagner and member of the Austrian National Council Claudia Gamon.

According to the publication, based on the video, in 2017 the Vice-Chancellor of Austria, strache and the head of the faction of the Austrian freedom party (fpö) in Parliament Johann Gudenus said about the readiness to transfer a number of state construction contracts to firms niece of the Russian oligarch, if that will provide financial assistance to APS before the parliamentary elections.

The video strache and his assistant Gudenus spend in Ibiza talks with a woman who expressed the desire to buy 50% stake in the influential Austrian newspaper Kronen and promised in exchange for a good deal to help in the parliamentary elections in October 2017. In the video politicians promise to her family access to government contracts.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz intends to make a special statement on the case Saturday, may 18.

The Vice-Chancellor strache has not given any comments.