In Baku has opened the Russian festival “Heat-2019”: who are the Ukrainians attended the event

В Баку открыли российский фестиваль "Жара-2019": кто из украинцев посетил мероприятие

In the capital of Azerbaijan, on 25 July, has launched the IV international festival “Heat”. A secular event was attended by Russian stars, who willingly performed popular hits from his repertoire. In addition, on the red carpet journalists LifeStyle 24 noticed a lot of domestic artists.

According to tradition, the Russian musical event began with a red carpet and a Grand opening. Therefore, all the photographers enjoyed doing the spectacular images of all participants of the festival “Heat-2019”. Pictures later posted on the official Instagram page of the event. In the pictures you can see a lot of Russian and Ukrainian stars, which with happy smiles posed for the cameras.

What is “Heat”?This is a music festival which was founded by three Russian stars: the singer Emin Agalarov, founder of “Russian radio” Sergey Kozhevnikov and artist Grigory Leps. Every year they invite in Baku celebrities and arrange multi-day party and performances with them. The event is held on the shores of the Caspian sea, and the area accommodates more than 10 million viewers. In 2019 the participants of the festival were more than 80 artists, among them – the Ukrainians. Closing the festival is scheduled for July 28.

Journalists LifeStyle 24 noticed among the invited guests Ani Lorak, Nastya Kamensky, Potap and MOZGI group, group “Time and Glass”, Monetica, max Barsky, Vera Brezhnev, Misha Romanov, Irina Gorovaya. So how was the opening of the Russian festival “the Heat” with the participation of Ukrainians – see photos.

Nastya Kamensky

“Today, at the international festival “Heat” in Baku really hot. Incredible atmosphere, incredibly warm welcome artists from all over the world and only positive emotions!” – wrote Nastya Kamenskih pictures from the festival.

Potap and MOZGI group


“Russia is not listening, so eagerly waiting for Monetica in Baku!” wrote the organizers of the festival. But Monatic under the photo noted that his speech was “really insanely hot.”

Ani Lorak

Max Barskih

“Time and Glass”

Irina Gorovaya

Vera Brezhneva

In addition, the organizers announced that Sunday, July 28 on the festival stage “Heat” will be Svetlana Loboda. The star is not lit in Baku, so probably will arrive in Azerbaijan before his speech.