In Belarus need to check the gender of the players Dynamo: a girl suspect that she’s a man

В Беларуси требуют проверить пол футболистки "Динамо": девушку подозревают, что она мужчина

В Беларуси требуют проверить пол футболистки "Динамо": девушку подозревают, что она мужчина

In Belarus football players questioned in the field of the player of “Dynamo” Minsk Salinity Simpore. 33-the summer football player of “Dynamo” was suspected of cheating the player of “Dynamo-bgufk”.

Blog it is stated that the defenders of the other clubs complain of uncharacteristic scrapes and bruises after combat with Simpore.

The players of “Dinamo-bgufk” published an open letter to the Chairman of the Belarusian football Federation Vladimir Bazanov with a request to check the floor Simpore.

In the Federation became on protection of the players and stated that she provided all necessary documents confirming its gender.

Also Belarusian Federation asked the portal who issued a joint statement of 18 players, to provide the original document.

There stated that “any conduct which offends the dignity of a person on any ground”, should not go unpunished.

Simpore a woman or a man?

According to Belarusian several years ago Simpore conducted a gender test, which showed the presence in the body 60 percent of female hormones.

In defense Simpore is the fact that before the start of the season, football players are required to undergo a medical examination gynecologist.

At the same time, the players who dress in the same locker room with Simpore claim that no one in the team had not seen the naked body girls.

Sharpness history adds former head coach of the female national team of Equatorial Guinea Marcelo Frigerio. It was ten years ago asked the doctor to inspect Simpore.

“My fears were confirmed. It was men who won the women’s African Cup of Nations-2008”, – said the coach.

A few months before the world Cup 2011 Simpore and her sister was expelled from the national team and sent home in Burkina Faso.

The player refused to comment on the scandal of a decade ago.

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