In Belarus, the schoolboy with a knife killed in two classes – Sledkov

В Беларуси школьник с ножом убивал в двух классах - Следком

The imprint of Belarus, who previously reported about “sudden conflict” in the school №2 cities of Columns, said the circumstances of the murder of a teacher and student.

Teacher and student school №2 Columns high school student born in 2003 killed in two different rooms. This was announced by the representative of the Investigative Committee of Belarus in the comments, a video of which was posted by “radio Svaboda”.

“It is established that the student arrived at 7.40 to class, later left the room, returned in about 7.50, stabbed the teacher (it was fatal), as well as two students who tried to stand up… Later went out into the corridor, went to the neighboring classroom and stabbed a student of the senior class 2001 year of birth”, – the militiaman told.

He noted that the lives of the students that were injured while trying to protect the teacher, not threatened.

On the morning of 11 February in the Columns of a high school student with a knife attacked the teacher and students. Adult and one of the students died. The malefactor was detained.

Initially the Imprint of Belarus reported about “sudden conflict”.

Radio Svaboda informs that the attack was a sophomore Vadim M. the Deceased teacher taught history and civics, she was 50 years old.