In Belgium coming “social winter”

В Бельгии грядет "социальная зима"

400 participants in the rally of solidarity with the French “yellow jackets” were detained on Saturday in Brussels. Under the slogan “social is Approaching winter” to thousands of people marched through the centre of the Belgian capital, demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister of Belgium and President of France. The action started peacefully, ended with clashes with police.

“I came here like everyone else to peacefully protest, says one of the demonstrators. And here we were detained for nothing! This is a real scandal, because this is not in Syria, not in North Korea and not Cuba, and in Brussels – the capital of the European community!”

The most determined, the protesters began throwing the police with stones, firecrackers and smoke bombs when the police blocked the approaches to the area where the building of the European Union. Police used water cannons and tear gas.

“Our government, as in neighboring France, trying to climb deeper into the pockets of ordinary citizens, the rich get richer, and we – ordinary Belgians hardly meet due to new taxes,” – says another resident of Brussels.

In clashes near the Parliament injured a police officer, he was immediately hospitalized. Belgian “yellow jackets” on Saturday and blocked a highway on the border with France.

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