In Belgium, four members of the European Parliament was arrested for anti-nuclear protest at a military base

В Бельгии четырех депутатов Европарламента задержали за антиядерный протест на военной базе

In Belgium, authorities detained four members of the European Parliament, who had slipped on a military base, there to organize an anti-war protest.

As The Guardian reports, MPs were able to penetrate the runway base Kleine Brogel, where based F-16 fighter jets. There they unfurled a banner with the inscription “Europe free of nuclear weapons”.

The deputies explained that he felt “an urgent need to send a strong signal in the context of the situation with the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range, which is now questioning the United States and Russia”. They recalled that the INF Treaty is one of the factors of European security.

Per share, the deputies could face up to five years of imprisonment if against them applied the law on state security. At the same time, they can count on immunity from prosecution.