In Bellingcat found new evidence of Russian aggression

В Bellingcat нашли новые доказательства агрессии России

05.01.2020, 20:27


Cross-border shelling of Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation was conducted for three months across the border area conflict

At least 149 separate artillery strikes caused Russian troops to Ukraine in the summer of 2014, said the report by researchers from the international group Bellingcat.

Sean Case and Clement Anders analyzed satellite images of the border of Ukraine and Russia and found there are numerous proofs of Russian aggression.

In addition to a hundred firing positions with signs of outgoing fire, which was located on the territory of the aggressor country, or within two kilometers from the border of Ukraine with Russia, the researchers found 408 zones of destruction from artillery fire in Ukraine. The nature of these zones suggests that the shells crossed the border.

According to the report, the number of funnels you can talk about the thousands of missiles that the Russian military fired on targets on the territory of Ukraine.

The shelling from the territory of Russia began in July 2014, the researchers said. Their frequency and extent have increased in August and September 2014. The traces of shelling across the border can be found in all border areas of the conflict zone in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Because of the frequency, prevalence and large scale of the attacks they “can be considered solely an act of the military actions of Russian Federation against Ukraine”, – say the authors of the report.

The researchers emphasize that they applied the methods provide only a lower estimate of the number of attacks, which could be much more.

  • In November 2016 at the NATO meeting in Istanbul was the evidence of the aggression of Russia against Ukraine: video.