In Berdyansk scammers sell regular tap water under the guise of artesian

В Бердянске мошенники продавали обычную воду под видом артезианской

In Berdyansk were selling tap water under the guise of artesian

This is reported in the regional Prosecutor’s office.

Local law enforcement authorities of the Berdyansk Prosecutor’s office found the sale in the city of water, which under the guise of artesian extracted from illegally drilled wells in the industrial area of the city. Zloumyshlenniki did it without the necessary permits.

Laboratory analysis of the water confirmed that “artesian water” has declared useful properties and does not meet the state standards.

Law enforcement officers have contributed on this fact data in the Unified register of pretrial investigations initiated pre-trial investigation.

Cyber criminals threatens till 3 years of imprisonment.

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