In Berdyansk told, with the hotels where you will identify the coronavirus

В Бердянске рассказали, что будет с отелями, где выявят коронавирус

In Berdyansk again decided to strengthen control over the observance of quarantine measures. This reports the press service of the Berdyansk city Council, reports “ZаБор”.

Wednesday, July 29, in Kiev held a meeting of the Commission on questions TEB and emergency situations. In particular, it was decided to extend the quarantine until August 31 and to strengthen the monitoring of compliance with existing restrictions.

Due to the fact that in July, on the territory of Berdyansk if it’s ill 59 people, including 19 health workers Berdyansk station, hospital emergency departments, it was decided the health care facilities and leaders of Spa, Wellness, hotel establishments:

• do not allow to work of employees with symptoms of ARI and ARI;

• immediately dismiss from the work staff with laboratory confirmed diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2;

• to develop and approve the action algorithms for group separation of staff and otdyhayuschih in food establishments, medical services, travel routes, etc.;

• in the case of laboratory confirmed diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2, if you can’t perform item 3 – to consider termination of the reception facilities for up to 14 days after isolation of the last patient for carrying out all necessary anti-epidemic measures.

Recall that from August 1 adaptive quarantine in Ukraine will allow to increase or decrease the quarantine in separate cities and districts of the region. The Ministry will divide the regions on the green, yellow, orange and red zone. Chief sanitary doctor of the Zaporozhye region Roman Terekhov reported that the region on all indicators refer to the “green zone”.