In Berdyansk zoo born cubs and a new rare species of animals

В Бердянском зоопарке родились львята и появились новые редчайшие виды животных

One of the best zoos in Ukraine – Berdyansk “Safari” has pleased its fans with the news that the lioness Malaika gave birth to three cubs. Despite the fact that the mother abandoned the babies because of their fastidious nature, they created all the conditions for harmonious growing up. Now kids are living in a specially equipped room, sleeping in the playpen, drinking according to the mode of milk, undergo a course of massage, in a word, receive full support, and in a month will run in the large aviary, delighting visitors.

To date, Safari is inhabited by a pride consisting of 20 adult lions, who every year produce offspring. In just 15 years, zoo born 58 lions. To achieve such figures is not easy, because predators do not breed in captivity, and therefore, the atmosphere and the climate of “Safari” for them is very favorable.

– I think, in Ukraine there are no more zoos, which had so many lions. It was one thing when they are born, and quite another to support them and create the conditions for growth. Adult lion per meal need 810 kilograms of meat, he also needs good care, says zoo Director Igor Kalchenko.

For the special atmosphere and reverent attitude to the animals of the zoo “Safari” like regular visitors who become so immediately after you visit it for the first time. Clean, well-groomed animals behave actively, but not aggressively obvious that they get enough attention and love from the professional staff and protected from intrusion of personal space – zoo of non-contact.

In Safari is no heavy animal smell, that talks about regular sanitation of kennels and all areas; optimized for each temperature, and the kitchen is where you cook food for the Pets, clean as a whistle. By the way, we did not miss the opportunity to talk with a certified chef Andrew, who cooked soup for the chimps:.

– Andrey, tell us what usually simmer the soup for primates and that will prepare other animals?

– You know, they have preferences, like people, I like to add rice, potatoes, carrots and chicken. The only difference – not fried, so the products should be boiled. Then I’ll make the food for the bears, who are fond of fruit and cereal, and cut up the meat for the lions.

– Given Your education, why decided to work in a zoo and not in the restaurant?

– I was working in the restaurant, but it so happened that the cook began to find other jobs and I was offered a job here. Since I love animals, immediately agreed and never regretted. I love it here, I like it.

After we went to see the newborn cubs, which at that time was prepared for the massage. Two boys and a girl spreading in different directions, and behaved like little kittens, clearly labeling belonging to this large family. The first cub was born 27 April at seven o’clock in the morning; at eight the lioness led the second, and the next day, right on Easter, Malaika gave the zoo a third child. Except for the cubs this spring in “Safari” born calves and other fauna species.

– Every spring at the zoo is traditionally a place for replenishment. Kids lead the primates, Capuchins, raccoons, noshi, baboons, kangaroos and other animals. Today were born more than 20 kinds of kids. Also this year, to the zoo we brought from Europe new inhabitants – a total of 8 different species of animals. They are all well adapted. Three weeks later, I plan to fly to Peru and hope to bring many more interesting animals. Already, for example, signed a contract for the red Panda, – said Igor Kalchenko.

All brought to this year’s animals are unusual and rare, so it is with great interest went to meet some of them. By the way, nice was the fact that Igor Kalchenko was asked to do a photo not often without flash, as well as journalists wound up indoors in small groups – all in order to gently as possible to adapt to newly arrived residents of the large family of “Safari”.

Accustomed and actively hosted on the designated areas zolotokolosa Tamarine, which is also called “the lion” due to the fact that the dwarf monkeys have a mane like a lion. Next was neighbouring red armed Tamarine and particularly stood out – Oedipal, which is characterized by elegant Mohawks, they are called “pinch”. This species is endangered and I am glad that, thanks to zoos like Safari-like animals can be given a chance to survive. Wonderful little animals the size of a palm, but their habits can be seen the intelligence inherent in the whole family of primates.

“Dwarf Tamarine – a rare species whose members need in 28 degree heat and humidity like in the tropics. As long as they are here, and already in June we will bring them to the street”, – said Igor Kalchenko.

Among the new residents of “Safari” unusual white Rhea, members of the genus and the family of flightless, live in South America. They look like the African ostrich, but the extent of their relationship remains controversial among scientists. Birds Rhea street climate Berdyansk zoo is quite suitable, so they imposingly roam the spacious aviary, attracting visitors with beautiful blue eyes. Also among the new arrivals brown Capuchin is a species of Primate family cacocholia. They live in groups their entire day consists of games and looking for each other. At the head there is always a dominant male and female. Capuchins are very clever and smart monkeys and, according to Igor Kalchenko, they still will show, need to watch them.

In one word, “Safari” every year there are new people and cute kiddies “old-timer”. Today the zoo has over 80 species of fauna. Guests are always welcome here, on the territory lot of greenery, flowering cherry, benches in the shade, a café, the fountain in the pond, near which roam black, white swans and white pelicans – all the conditions for not only the animals comfortable, but visitors had the opportunity to enjoy family holidays.

В Бердянском зоопарке родились львята и появились новые редчайшие виды животных

В Бердянском зоопарке родились львята и появились новые редчайшие виды животных

В Бердянском зоопарке родились львята и появились новые редчайшие виды животных

В Бердянском зоопарке родились львята и появились новые редчайшие виды животных

В Бердянском зоопарке родились львята и появились новые редчайшие виды животных