In Borznyanskiy district killed migrant workers

В Борзнянском районе убили гастарбайтера

In Borznyanskiy district, a local resident, who was looking for scrap metal found the body of a dead migrant workers.

The corpse of the man with traces of violent death was found on Sunday, near the road. He was a resident of Ichnia district.

Thanks to surveillance cameras, law enforcement officers found that the victim was in conflict with two local drunk people. A misunderstanding occurred in a local station store where the victim bought the alcohol.

As explained by the suspect, he decided to punish a newcomer. Finding a metal rod, the offender caught up to the visitor and inflicted several blows. Body concealed beside the road and continued drinking with a friend.

The version about murder for the sake of appropriation of funds of the deceased was not confirmed, because he spent the money in the way.

The suspect was arrested and is in custody.