In Botswana found 350 dead elephants: Scientists do not rule out coronavirus

В Ботсване нашли мертвыми 350 слонов: Ученые не исключают коронавирус

In the southern African country of Botswana during the last two months were found dead 350 elephants. Reported by the BBC.

“From the beginning of may colleagues in the southern African country found more than 350 carcasses of elephants in the Okavango Delta” – said Dr. Niall McCann from the UK charity National Park rescue.

The government cannot tell the cause of death of animals, but poaching in this case is excluded, because the dead animal’s tusks remained in place. The drought is not considered as a factor contributing to high mortality of animals.

For the first time a mass death of elephants in Botswana defenders of the natural resources found in may, when he made a 3-hour flight over the Delta. Then were found dead 169 elephants.

Dr. McCann also previously excluded natural lose anthrax, which last year in Botswana killed at least 100 elephants.

All signs point to failure of the neurological system of animals. We also consider the probability of poisoning, or another illness.

In any case, not knowing the source, it is impossible to eliminate the threat of the spread of the disease in human populations, especially if the reason lies in water sources or soil.

Dr. McCann indicates a pandemic Covid-19, which is believed to have started in animals. Scientists sent samples of animals for testing, to find out whether the coronavirus is the cause of their death. The results are expected in the next couple of weeks.

Botswana is a habitat-thirds of the declining population of elephants in Africa.

В Ботсване нашли мертвыми 350 слонов: Ученые не исключают коронавирус

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