In Brazil, the coffins of the dead from coronavirus had buried piles – media

В Бразилии гробы с умершими от коронавируса уже закапывают штабелями, - СМИ

Important: Latin America is on the verge of epidemiological disaster due to the rapid spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19. According to media reports, due to the large number of deaths, in Brazil, the people began to bury in mass graves.

Details: New hotbed of the spread of coronavirus may be Latin America. As reported citing Western media, in some cities the situation is comparable with the peak of the epidemic in Europe and the United States. In particular, it is claimed that the development of the epidemic situation in the capital of Peru Lima can be compared with the “worst month of the epidemic in Paris“.

After tripling mortality rates of the Brazilian city of Manaus can be compared with London or Madrid, and the Ecuadorian port city of Guayaquil may become “second new York” with a five-fold increase in the number of deaths.

Moreover, Brazil has entered into a three of leaders on number of reported cases of infection with coronavirus, behind only the United States and Russia. According to official statistics, the country recorded 271,8 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, the disease died 17983 patient. And this figure could be much higher.

Because of this, according to journalists, in Brazil, the dead began to be buried in mass graves in stacked on top of each other coffins. Because of lack of strict quarantine measures and non-serious attitude of the authorities to what is happening, according to the doctors in the country may die up to 100 thousand people.

Topic: 6 may 2020 in Brazil for one day from the coronavirus has died, six hundred people.

A week later, this figure had risen to 749 deaths per day.