In Brazil, the drug Lord tried to escape from prison disguised as his daughter

В Бразилии наркобарон попытался сбежать из тюрьмы, переодевшись своей дочерью

But it did not work.

In a prison in Rio detained the girl who came to visit the prisoner. Just turned out that it’s not a girl, and the prisoner, who was trying to leave the prison in the form of his daughter.

“Girl” was a drug dealer Claudino da Silva, who tried to escape from prison in the image of his daughter that came to visit him. He was dressed in baby clothes, put on a wig and a mask. The guards said that he had noticed a strange man in women’s clothes who tried to leave the prison. Claudino da Silva, nicknamed “Shorty,” the head of one of the major criminal organizations in the country, “the Red team”.