In Britain a scandal broke out around the “architect” Brexit

В Британии разразился скандал вокруг "архитектора" Brexit

In Britain, the scandal is gaining momentum around the assistant to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and architect of breccia Dominic Cummings. Earlier it became known that in spite of the existing in the country to quarantine, Cummings went to visit their relatives in another city, located 460 km from London. However, on Sunday, the British press reported that he’s done it twice, and in different British quarters – from ordinary users of social networks to politicians, not just labour, but the conservatives sounded the requirement of its resignation.

Boris Johnson has tried in every way to justify ally, which, according to him, had no choice: Cummings allegedly took his young son to his parents in Durham, when I suspected and wife symptoms of coronavirus.

This explanation is even more blew up the British social network, writes the BBC. “When the chief Advisor to the Prime Minister travels across the country with the coronavirus, just need to stay alert,” – wrote in “Twitter” activists satirical campaign of the opponents of brexia Led by Donkeys (“Led by donkeys”).

A group of bishops of the Anglican Church condemned the reaction of Boris Johnson, and one of the priests said that the Prime Minister thinks people are fools.

The labour opposition said that this whole situation was a good test for the Prime Minister, which he failed miserably. And the Guardian came with the headline “eyes on the case of Dominic Cummings: the elite are above the law.”

The publication writes that this is one of those rare situations in the political elite, the attitude towards which has every single UK resident. Ordinary people have little interest in complex financial arrangements or new parliamentary rules discussed by the government. But there is another matter, there all in the same boat. Everyone in the country responded to the call to help save lives and locked the house, refused their habits, and from seeing loved ones. Therefore, people are not just angry, they are furious, writes the Guardian.

In early may, a leading British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who recommended that Britain had imposed severe restrictions after the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus, voluntarily came out of the scientific Council at the British government, after it became known that he violated the rules of quarantine.

The British press, it became known that, contrary to the rules of self-isolation Ferguson in his house repeatedly visited the woman. Scotland Yard said they considered the deprivation of government positions of sufficient punishment for Ferguson, and not to penalize the scientist.