In Britain, began training dogs to detect the coronavirus that causes the smell

В Британии началась тренировка собак на обнаружение коронавируса по запаху

Specialists UK based organisation Medical Detection Dogs involved in the study of olfactory diagnosis in dogs, trained animals for detection of coronavirus by smell. If the experiment succeeds, will be a new method for the rapid and noninvasive detection of disease, says the ZME Science.

The researchers are quite confident of success: “We believe that dogs have the capacity to identify the virus COVID-19. Medical Detection Dogs has always used a rigorous scientific approach to their work, and the results were published in several peer-reviewed articles. These results reinforce our confidence that this disease has a unique odor that dogs can detect.”

The confidence of the researchers is based on the fact that some respiratory viruses cause a change in body odor of the patient, and the dogs can smell. Whether COVID-19 among these diseases is not known. However, past experiments have shown that smell is clearly distinguishable from malaria, and dog handlers were able to train dogs to recognize it.

In the first stage of the experiment, six dogs will be taught to identify changes in odor caused by COVID-19. First, the samples will have confirmed cases, and then will begin testing under real conditions. The researchers hope to obtain first results in 8 – 10 weeks. Basic dog training has already begun.

If successful, Medical Detection Dogs offers the use of dogs diagnosticians in public places – airports, train stations, restaurants – to prevent a second wave of coronavirus. One dog able to check in an hour about 250 people.