In Britain, protesters toppled a monument

В Британии протестующие свергли памятник

In Bristol dropped into the water the statue of Edward Colston’s owner in London, the defiled sculpture of Winston Churchill.

In the UK the ongoing large-scale protests against racial discrimination and police brutality. Despite the current quarantine, thousands of people took to the streets of London, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and other cities of the Kingdom on 7 June.

The demonstrators demanded to bring to justice those responsible for the death of an African-American George Floyd.

In General, the rallies were peaceful, but on Sunday evening, some protesters began attacking law enforcement officers and throw them in glass bottles and torches.

In Bristol, the protesters dismantled the monument of the XVII century entrepreneur Edward Colston and dropped him into the Bay. He remembered the lesson the slave trade.

In London the protesters desecrated the monument to the former Prime Minister of great Britain Winston Churchill. Vandals using spray paint crossed out the name of Churchill on the plate and left there is the inscription “was racist.”

According to the London police, during the protests affected more than 20 police officers, 12 offenders were arrested.

In Westminster located in the heart of the British capital, to 6 am curfew was imposed.