In Britain, the woman made a language of hands (photo)

В Британии женщине сделали язык из руки (фото)

Doctors stunned the 58-summer inhabitant of the British County of Bedfordshire Joanna Smith stating that she has cancer and that she was to live for a few months.

The woman was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on the tongue. To save her life, it was decided to remove the language. And then the doctors created this on again from the muscles and skin of the hands of the patient and put it in her mouth during a 10-hour operation. At first, the doctors tried to take material from feet Smith, but the fabric did not stick.

According to the newspaper the Sun, Joanna can talk normally. And recently switched to solid food after a few months ate only special liquid cocktails. Her tongue no longer tastes – but she feels it sky.

As shown by the analyses, Joanna was completely cured from cancer.