In Brovary, Kyiv region, the girl flew off the swing: baby in intensive care (photos)

В Броварах Киевской области девочка вылетела с качелей: ребенок в реанимации (фото)

The girl fell and was injured is not immediately noticed.

On the Playground in Brovary, Kyiv region, a teenage girl flew out of the booth swings.

The accident occurred in the Park “Victory”, reports the edition “look”.

Now the child is in intensive care Brovarsky multidisciplinary clinical hospital. According to the preliminary diagnosis, the child sustained a fracture of one leg and shoulder, a bruised back and head.

According to eyewitnesses, the Playground on the see-saw a few kids that are heavily shaken and not even noticed at once that from the cabin flew out one of the girls.

She got stuck under the swing, the adults were called to the scene rescuers and “fast” looking for mom and began to pull the child, examining the coverage areas.

In relation to the parents of the injured girl, the police said that they will be responsible for the improper performance of parental duties.

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