In Bukovina from the weather have suffered for 11 settlements

На Буковине от непогоды страдают уже 11 населенных пунктов

Of the houses in the danger zone resettled people

In Chernivtsi region suffered from bad weather for 11 settlements. Rescuers have settled out of the houses in the area of the element 68.

It is noted that Bukovina rescuers rescued from the disaster zone 29 people and another 25 were evacuated. On elimination of consequences of bad weather directed more than hundred employees of gschs and 19 of special machines.

In regional management of the DSNs in Chernivtsi region said that volnovode in the river Cheremosh has been destroyed the body of the dam in the town of Vyzhnytsia. Rescuers are trying to strengthen the eroded river Bank. The town was saved from flooding.

But near the village Banyliv the same vyzhnytskiy district as a result of outburst of the dam from flooding, are not saved 18 households, and 10 households in the village Sloboda Banyliv. Rescued 13 people.

In the village Biskiv impounded three farms, rescuers had to pump water. And on the farm White Stream of the same district as the result of precipitation caused a shift in the soil, the mud covered one yard. The owners have not suffered.

На Буковине от непогоды страдают уже 11 населенных пунктов

The white house