In Buryatia began to catch rats due to the outbreak of bubonic plague in Mongolia

В Бурятии начали отлавливать крыс из-за вспышки бубонной чумы в Монголии

Mice and their close relatives are caught while solely for research, scientists fear that the small defectors from the territory of Mongolia can bring to the region of the bubonic plague.

Recall, therefore, in the border regions of the Far East gets the virus of African swine fever, which spread wild boars, calling into the economic impact of farms and personal farmsteads of inhabitants of Primorye, the Amur region, Khabarovsk territory and the Jewish Autonomous region. Effective measures to prevent the spread of infection is not present, because the animal sanitary control does not apply, and the boundaries of countries they do not exist.

While none of the rodent, caught in Buryatia in the border areas, the signs of the plague are detected, local media reported. The officials noted that occasionally this disease in the Republic sicken those who consume meat Surkov, – raw. And to worry to a greater extent should not Mongolia, the border of which is still under lock and key because of the coronavirus, and its territories, such as the Altai, Tuva and Transbaikalia, where the natural foci of the disease.