In California earthquake in 20 years

В Калифорнии произошло мощнейшее землетрясение за 20 лет

Thursday, July 4, southern California was struck by a powerful earthquake in 20 years the force in 6.4. It is reported by the USGS.

According to CNN, after the main push meteorologists have documented at least 85 aftershocks force of 2.5-4.6 points. The epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of 9.7 km at 18 km from the city of Ridgecrest.

It is reported that the earthquake in nearby cracks, damaged pipelines, power lines, boulders from the slopes of the mountains has damaged the asphalt and blocked the mountain road the earthquake also caused a number of fires from-for break of the pipeline.

Rescuers found about twenty calls from witnesses of the events with the requests for medical assistance or reports of fire. Of the victims of the fire were not reported. The local hospital Ridgecrest regional airport was evacuated.

The head of the geological service said that next week there is a possibility such as powerful earthquakes.

The last powerful earthquake in the region (namely in parts of the Mojave desert) force 7.1 score was recorded in 1999. And in 1994 due to an earthquake in Los Angeles killed 57 people, the state suffered losses amounting to 25 billion dollars.

В Калифорнии произошло мощнейшее землетрясение за 20 лет