In California the dog for almost a month waiting for the hosts from the burnt house – 24 Channel

У Каліфорнії собака майже місяць чекав господарів у згорілого будинку - 24 Канал

The dog in the United States waited until its owners nearly a month later returned to the conflagration, where a devastating forest fire in California was their home.

This was reported by the TV channel FOX8.

The dog Madison was waiting for them, as if he were guarding their former home,”
– reported to the local organization to rescue homeless animals.

It is noted that one of the staff members fed the dog.

Recall, November 9, 24 channel reported that the North American California broke a large forest fire. Authorities evacuated more than 20 thousand local residents, who were in danger. November 15 because of a fire, the air quality in the area of natural disaster was even worse than in India and China.

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