In California, the unknown opened fire in a bar: there are victims

У Каліфорнії невідомий відкрив стрілянину в барі: є потерпілі

Police looking for attacker

At least 11 people were injured during a shooting in California. Unknown persons opened fire on visitors at one of the bars in the city, Thousand Oaks.

The assailant made about three dozen shots. People tried to hide under the tables.

At the scene police arrived. But the assailant fled. Law enforcement officers cordoned off the area. Movement on adjacent streets are blocked. Lifeguard and physicians. Criminal are looking for.

Police are asking for help from anyone who has information regarding the incident.

As reported 5.UA in California, in San Bernardino, unknown opened fire in a residential complex. Injuring at least ten people, three of whom were in critical condition. According to one of the locals, he heard 15 to 20 shots.