In Canada hockey players staged a mass brawl, in which participated all: funny video

В Канаде хоккеисты устроили массовую драку, поучаствовали в которой все: курьезное видео

The Canadian hockey match student’s League between the teams of “Acadia ax-man” and “St. Francis Xavier” ended in a mass brawl, and the penalty time for the players as a whole was 310 minutes.

It all started with the traditional stuffing of the washer in the Central circle in the middle of the third period.

Two hockey players on the stuffing came the third. The disparity in the quantitative composition clearly did not like players are one of the teams, with the result that a fight took place, which later moved to the Board.

After this the battle continued with renewed vigor. In a fight participated not only players but also coaches.

In the end, eight players on the team-hostess, the five guests, as well as the mentors has been suspended until the end of the match, and the total penalty time was 310 minutes.

The match ended with the victory of “Acadia” with the score 6: 3.

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