In case of the prohibition of Huawei in the European Union, China has prepared an asymmetric response

На случай запрета Huawei в Евросоюзе у Китая готов асимметричный ответ

China is considering the introduction of sanctions against European Telecom equipment manufacturers Nokia and Ericsson, if EU members will follow the example of the US and the UK and ban Huawei participate in the deployment of communication networks of the fifth generation (5G) in the region. This publication reports the Wall Street Journal, citing its own informed sources.

The source said that the Ministry of Commerce of China to tighten import control, which Nokia and Ericsson will not be able to sell our products in China on the territory of third countries. It is noted that such measures can be imposed in case the member countries of the European Union will prohibit the use of 5G equipment Chinese manufacturers. Nokia and Ericsson are among the largest suppliers of telecommunication equipment, and each of the companies have large production facilities in China. The tightening of import controls can cause serious harm to European vendors.

We will remind, last week the United Kingdom, which came from the EU, has announced that Telecom operators in the country will be prohibited from using Huawei equipment in the construction of 5G networks. At the same time to stop buying Telecom equipment from a Chinese vendor operators by the end of 2020 and completely eliminate it from their networks – by 2027.

The European Union has taken a softer stance against Huawei, releasing the recommendations on cyber security in the field of 5G and allowing the member countries of the Alliance to determine the level of restrictions on the use of equipment Chinese manufacturer. It is expected that soon will be published the final decision of all 27 countries in the EU.

Recall, the US government accuses Huawei, in cooperation with the Chinese government and military, assuming that the equipment of the company used for spying. In this regard, the American authorities strongly affect their allies, pushing them to impose bans on the use of 5G equipment Huawei and some other companies from China.

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