In Cherkasy father was forced to star in an adult video mother daughter

На Черкасщине отец заставлял сниматься во взрослом видео родную дочь

In Ukraine are increasingly using children for the production of commercials for adults. And, often their own parents.

The last case occurred in the town of Smila in Cherkasy region. There the father was forced to pose for a porn of his own daughter, and for trying to give up – hard to beat. Home “pornography” was involved and the girl’s mother.

Beaten and forced to undress

21 March, the police asked a 15-year-old girl with a complaint against a private 38-year-old father. She told investigators that in the summer of last year, a man beat her, forced completely naked and began to take off.

Then the man began to force her to watch videos of “adult” in which he also starred and her mother. Such abuses have become familiar in the family.

On March 8, the father sent the girl a photo in social networks, on which she is shown exposed in explicit erotic pose. Then he began to send from your mobile phone and photos of her naked mother. And later began to openly molest his daughter, stroking her Breasts and was constantly forced to watch Frank videos.

The girl did not want to return home. Therefore, the police sent her to a rehabilitation center, now the decision is where she will live. The girl also appointed psihologo-psychiatric examination.

Police raided the apartment where the family lives. There seized computer equipment, mobile phones, storage media, a Bank card and documents. Some of the documents were stolen. Also found pornographic materials.

Against the father of the girl opened criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 156 of the criminal code (corruption of minors). After the examination he will be handed to the suspect. Regarding the role of the mother in this story and motives, the police have not yet specified this moment.

“While the investigation is going, all these points are investigated. But we are unable to talk about it, so as not to harm the investigation,” – said the speaker of postal and telecommunications Julia Kvitko.

Earn on their own children

Occasions when the police covers children or family pornography becomes more and more. For example, in July last year in Berdichev detained the young father who used his 8-month-old daughter for shooting a porn video and photo. He did it when wife was away. Wife learned on a video my daughter and husband.

And at the end of last year, the court arrested 45-year-old father from Kiev. It turned out that he raped his two 14 and 15-year-old daughter and filming these scenes. In shooting took part the godfather girls. Then the video was sold through the DarkWeb to foreigners.

In the Poltava region judge the parents for 2.5 years filming sex scenes with my own daughter. Started this business when she was just three years old.

How told the police, in different rented apartments they filmed a video of a pornographic nature and then sell it through the Internet.

Parents could face up to 15 years in prison, and the girl was sent for socio-psychological rehabilitation.

How to earn

Very often that the Ukrainian children off to porn, our police learn from their foreign colleagues. Because this “product” show on private resources, and pay for it with cryptocurrency. When foreign intelligence agencies carried out an operation, are being introduced there and open network, traces from Ukraine. Then the data are transmitted to our law enforcement officers.

Say that closed sites are very many children of European appearance. It is not excluded that among them there are Ukrainian children.

According to the head of the laboratory of computer forensics Cyberlab Sergei Prokopenko, all the produce is laid out on a specialized anonymous sites. “Those who use them, are difficult to register and make advance payment”, – said Prokopenko.

“This sector is estimated at billions of dollars. The owners of pornorolikov get up to $ 1,000 each. Often calculations are performed in the cryptocurrency. Of course, a direct participant in the shooting, they pay less. Behind that foreigners often Chechens, Caucasians,” – said in an interview with us the head of the Association Troubleshooter Sergei Kramer.

The Ukrainians, who themselves acted in such home videos or used their own children, recognized that in one movie they were paid for 1.5 thousand hryvnia, and in 10-20 photos a thousand hryvnia.