In Chernivtsi professional boxer punched a female police officer

В Черновцах профессиональный боксер ударил женщину-полицейского

In total, law enforcement was carried out in a hospital bed for almost two weeks.

In Chernivtsi to one-year probation sentenced a local professional boxer Alexey Andrica who beat patrol officer Cristina Skrypnyk in the performance of the last duties.

On 24th February last year, about 3-00, the crew of the patrol police “Saturn-103” in the Cristina Skrypnyk and her partner arrived to the entertaining institution “the Bardou”, where did the message about the fight in the toilet.

Arrived the police decided to interrogate the man, who pointed out the administration as the instigator of the fight, when in communication with the police interfered with his brother, who turned professional athlete. Insulting police officers, Andries hit Cristina Skrypnyk punched in the face. From hitting the policeman fell, in fact, was knocked out. Doctors diagnosed her e, in addition to bruises and contusions, concussion.

Apology boxer and money from him, Cristina Skrypnyk and was not accepted.