In Chernobyl made an unusual find: recorded on camera

В Чернобыле сделана необычная находка: зафиксировали на камеры

Scientists investigated the situation of animals living in the Polesie state radiation-ecological reserve. For this, the researchers set up cameras with motion sensors and fish carcasses. And the results published in the journal Food Webs, transfers of Politek.

The tests fish were eaten ten mammal species and five bird species. Scientists have identified the following types of animals. It was three types of mice – field mouse, jeltocorna mouse, mouse, tiny, as well as two species of birds – jays and the usual forty.

Fixed camera and large animals, including raccoon dogs, mink, otter, wolf, crow and the white-tailed eagle.

“These animals photographed while eating fish carcasses on the banks of rivers and canals. We observed evidence of wildlife diversity in the region in previous studies, but now for the first time saw sea eagles, Eastern mink and river otter on the frame, ” – said Dr. Beazley.

According to the researchers, the study showed proof of the wealth of nature in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

“In the current study fish carcasses were placed at the edge of the open waters of the Pripyat river and nearby irrigation canals, mimicking the natural activity in which flows throw the carcasses of dead fish on shore,” said Peter Schlichting, research fellow, Arizona state University.

The researchers also compared the activity of animals near the river with the activity of animals in the canals and estimated the parameters, including the percentage of carcasses eaten and speed of eating, the number of registered cameras types and how frequently were each of them.

At the river the fish was eaten more often-it was easier to find. But, as suggested by the researchers, most animals appeared near the channels.

Recall on April 26, 1986 is a tragic day in the history of Ukraine and world in General. It was the day the accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. A huge area around the station became the exclusion zone.

Recently, scientists have launched a project that aims to learn more about the fauna of Chernobyl. It turns out that the presence of people affects the animal world is much more than radiation, because in the Chernobyl zone discovered fauna, which was not observed for more than a century.

В Чернобыле сделана необычная находка: зафиксировали на камеры

В Чернобыле сделана необычная находка: зафиксировали на камеры